Renowned French chef, Isabelle Arpin took an unexpected route into gastronomy. After studying finance in Paris, she was helping out a restauranteur friend when she discovered her vocation for food. Back in her native North, she obtained a diploma at the Dunkirk cooking school to find herself, a few years later, in Ostend, where she remained for over 15 years.

Arpin arrived in Brussels to take over the kitchens of the restaurant Alexandre before moving on to WY, the restaurant of the Mercedes showroom located at the top of the Grand Sablon. In 2019, she decided to open Restaurant Isabelle Arpin, a chic and refined setting in Bruxelles with an open kitchen, because, in her eyes, direct contact with customers is a source of inspiration, energy, and creativity.
Isabelle Arpin, is a very committed chef with a strong social vibe who’s engaged in caregiving and feeding the homeless. She’s also godmother of the Free Go Solidaire Association, where she works with volunteers all year round to help families in need. Now, Arpin takes up her position at TheMerode as a mentor to young chefs.

Our Chef


Originally from Tuscany, where his grandmother had a restaurant, Leonardo has a fascination for the starred restaurants where he had to chance to be trained to become the Chef he is today. For Leonoardo, taste is the most important part of his cuisine. A cuisine centered on the product. One that should be good, fresh and seasonal. But above all, he strives for the experience his cooking gives to people, both the instant and lasting pleasure his food provides.



I come from Puglia, in the south of Italy. The love of cooking was passed on to me by my mother. At Ciao I find this same spirit of family, sharing and passion for good things.


I am originally from Piedmont, where I grew up among my grandfather's vineyards. This passion for wine has animated me since I was very young.