Originally from Tuscany, where his grandmother had a restaurant, Leonardo has a fascination for the starred restaurants where he had to chance to be trained to become the Chef he is today. For Leonardo, taste is the most important part of his cuisine. A cuisine centered on the product. One that should be good, fresh and seasonal. But above all, he strives for the experience his cooking gives to people, both the instant and lasting pleasure his food provides.

Our Restaurant manager & Sommelier


Originally from Piedmont, where she grew up among her grandfather’s vineyards, Sonia passion for wine animated her since she her younger age. For her, wine is something to share, it’s a pleasure, it can change an evening. Sonia’s curation is intuitive and anchored in savouring. She avoids getting lost in technical explanations when it comes to talking about wine.

Sonia is a wine storyteller. It’s about making customers dream.